Leap barriers that hold your company in place.

It's no secret that good creative will actively engage your audience, while average creative is forgotten in less than five seconds. Unless it's so bad it burns a hole in the mind's eye, but let's not go there. 

At This Dog Jumps our focus is consistent branding with a steady stream of targeted promotions that turns a lackluster marketing program into a beast that can jump tall fences.  Smart advertising begins with measurable metrics and a sound strategy, and no matter what form your creative takes – print, outdoor, on the web, app skins, skywriting, you name it – we provide the tactical design to reflect your brand’s unique position and messaging. 

Process: Smart and Beautiful

Call it the dog in us but we love smart and beautiful. The whole package. When we are not "busy" consuming compelling content, we love creating it.  "Smart and beautiful" is instinctive and knows how to start a conversation with your audience and then facilitate participation directly with the brand and other brand "Fans". 

Very clever

Over the last twenty years, the partners at This Dog Jumps have learned that extraordinary creative doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it’s the product of a team effort as well as frequent and meaningful communication between client and agency.  At This Dog Jumps, we have an open door policy and "man's best friend" style of loyalty which has contributed to sustained client relationships for 5, 10, 20 years and counting.

Contact us, we welcome feedback, ideas and new opportunities.